Igor Witkowski on the Nazi Bell

September 23, 2012| Nazi Bell|1 Minutes|By AAG

Aerospace Defense Journalist Igor Witkowski joins us to talk about the Nazi-Bell device — a previously unknown World War II secret weapon that Witkowski believes was used as a test-platform to for the development of Antigravity research during the war.

Witkowski’s story of the Nazi Bell is well documented in his book, “Truth about the Wunderwaffe”, and describes a device similar in construction to a contemporary plasma-focus that was used to modify time-space for the purpose of creating Antigravity effects in and around the Bell.

Despite the incredible nature of the claim, Witkowski has done impeccable research, and seems to have genuinely discovered a completely new thread of secret Nazi research involved with manipulating gravity directly using counter-rotating mercury-filled toroids charged with a high-field EM-potential.