Jack Sarfatti’s Stardrive

Jack Sarfatti is doing physics: he’s not inventing UFOs, he’s not starting a religion or anything else… He’s building a stardrive at the forefront of breakthrough & exotic physics for over 30 years, and built a sizeable following of admirers both within the establishment as well as around the globe. Get his views on Torsion Physics, BPP, warp-drives, and more…

“I do not write for “most people”. I only write for the “elite” for “The Best and The Brightest” like the US Marines – Semper Fi. Destiny Matrix is not “far out” it is an accurate objective report of really weird things that have happened. Many people fear the truth so they go into denial. All three of my books discuss the idea of the “Weightless Warp Drive” in detail as it is emerging. The 4th book “Star Gate” will make these ideas even clearer.

The first WWD was “negative matter propulsion” traced to Herman Bondi and to Stalin’s WWII Spymaster Tereletski. See my interview in the Pavel Sudoplatov book “Special Tasks” revised edition with foreword by Robert Conquest of the Hoover at Stanford. I actually attended Bondi’s Cornell Lectures on that. Cal Tech’s Peter Goldreich and maybe Tom Pynchon were there as well. We were all undergraduates as I recall. Then in early 90’s Alcubeirre formalized the idea.” — Jack Sarfatti