James E. Cox on Inertial Propulsion

September 22, 2012| Inertial Propulsion|1 Minutes|By AAG

Inventor Jim Cox joins us to talk about experiments with Mach’s principle, including an inertial propulsion thruster capable of lifting 100 pound weights 6-feet in height, as well as the MHD Dipole-Thruster, a unique electromagnetic propulsion system based on an AC method of polarized molecular acceleration.

Unlike the majority of MHD propulsion systems, the patented Cox Dipole Thruster uses a resonant-frequency AC polarization to maximize magnetic-field Lorentz-acceleration on air-molecules while minimizing actual electrical transfer through the air. Cox describes the principles of operation for this high-efficiency MHD system, and describes the startling experimental results found during pulse-mode operation.

Cox describes inertial propulsion experimentation, including a homebuilt Mach’s-Principle offcenter-rotator that he claims was able to lift mass “by it’s own bootstraps” to a 6-foot height, leading to his nickname “Bootstrap Cox”.