Joseph Farrell on the Nazi Bell

September 21, 2012| Nazi Bell|3 Minutes|By AAG

Nazi UFOs? Viktor Shauberger, Vril, and the Haunebu flying saucers are well known Nazi UFO mythology, but far less is known about the Nazi Bell. That’s where Dr. Joseph Farrell comes in. His insatiable appetite for history puts him in the spotlight with the release of “SS Brotherhood of the Bell”. He offers new insight into the history of the Nazi Bell and the Nazi SS group led by Hans Kammler that created it, along with historical context on decades of Nazi UFO mythology. Is the Nazi Bell a myth, or something more?

The Nazi Bell doesn’t fit neatly into the existing Nazi UFO mythology, and that’s precisely why it’s so interesting to Farrell. The Bell Project was uncovered in 1999 by Polish defense journalist Igor Witkowski, and publicized by Janes Defense Review Editor Nick Cook, who dedicated a good portion of “The Hunt for Zero Point” to the subject. Who knows? Maybe the Nazi Bell is only a myth – but shortly after Nick Cook broke the Nazi Bell story to the world, the former Polish test site was purchased and scheduled for demolition after being abandoned for 60 years.

“The Bell is not in any way similar to Schauberger’s research, the purported research of the pre-war Vril Gesellschaft, or even the Coanda Effect saucer research associated with various names and the Peenemuende rocket research center. However, both Schauberger’s project and the Bell fell under the aegis and jurisdiction of the Waffen SS, and there are strong indicators that both projects were part of SS Obergruppenfuehrer Hans Kammler’s super-secret black projects empire.

Most people don’t know it, but one aspect of Kammler’s black projects empire was its coordination of a scientific Nazi think-tank built solely to manage these projects. This department actually published and circulated its own top secret journal of scientific papers. In other words, these Nazi scientists were expected to brainstorm and think outside the box, and to map out the technologies trees necessary to bring various technologies to fruition.

I believe that this is precisely what we see with the various Nazi saucer projects. What we’re seeing is not ‘absence’ of coordination or an ‘inefficient duplication of effort,’ but rather the steps in a technology tree that had been worked out towards the acquisition of field propulsion machines.” – Dr. Joseph Farrell

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