Kosol Ouch on the Kosol Sphere

The mysterious “Kosol” appeared in the newsgroups with a grandiose plan for antigravity based on what he claims is information from spiritual beings. Many think it’s a hoax, but despite the naysayers his newsgroup is rapidly becoming an online cultural phenomenon, and rumors are beginning to circulate about European efforts to construct a device called, “The Kosol Sphere”…

“Nature is my inspiration: I looked at a map of our solar system one day, and I asked the guardians or celestial teachers, ‘Can anything that I’ve learned from Searl, Marcus, or TT Brown be assembled into a system, like nature itself assembled the planets into our solar system?’ This was the question I asked them, and they responded, ‘You have already answered your own question — but we will show you how to assemble it’. The solar system is the map to build the sphere device, and the device in turn is the map to connect SEG, Marcus Device, and Biefeld-Brown Effect into single holistic technology.

After they gave me their answer, they began the process of showing me how to do it from the ground up — and when it finally all came together, the “Kosol Sphere” had been born. Thanks to them, my device has been made possible in both theory and practice, and it is now under construction by two groups of people with an interest in this discovery.” – Kosol Ouch