Larry Maurer on MagLev

September 24, 2012| Space|1 Minutes|By AAG

We’re joined by Unitel Aerospace CEO Larry Maurer, who discusses a new project aimed at providing an environmentally-friendly transportation solution by modifying Unitel’s patented laser-propulsion system into a new form of MagLev train. Unlike traditional MagLev trains, Maurer believes the Unitel train will travel at up to 500mph, and be competitive with aircraft in terms of flight times, but be ultimately far more fuel-efficient…

Maurer also talks about Unitel’s unique “macroscopic quantum-tunneling” concept for advanced space-propulsion, which allows their spacecraft to simulate a single, gigantic quantum-object, making the idea of quantum-teleportation available for the first time on a practical scale. For sublight-propulsion, their design also incorporates a laser-propulsion system using the “Wakefield Effect” to accelerate exhaust particles to rapid velocities, thereby creating a secondary high-efficiency propulsion system for navigation & other applications.