Larry Maurer on Unitel’s Laser Propulsion

For nearly two decades, Unitel Aerospace has been one of the great leaders in community space-activism with their “macroscopic quantum tunneling” approach to breakthrough propulsion. Unitel CEO Larry Maurer joins us to share the latest on this remarkable approach to future spaceflight, along some anecdotes about his latest experiences in the alt-space community…

“We’ve decided to focus on the mass-transportation aspect of our patented aerospace laser propulsion design. Thus, we’re in the process of changing the second edition of our ‘Laser Propulsion’ book to include much more information about MagLev and electric train technology. We’re doing this because we feel compelled to help provide solutions for the dangerous greenhouse effect and CO2 pollution issues seem to be spiraling out of control in our fragile ecosystems. Many believe, such as Virgin Galactic in the UK, that implementation of electric trains worldwide to replace the planes and cars choking our planet are the answer. Of course we intend to still perform research in space exploration and mining of the nearby planets, moon and asteroids for precious metals.”

“Quantum Tunneling has been applied to various precise instruments including the well-known ‘Tunneling Electron Microscope’ or TEM. Now the electrons in this instrument do not just disappear and then reappear at another location by magic – the particles traverse through a potential barrier by using higher dimensions; dimensions 5 through 11 using the right hand rule or 11 through 22 dimensions with the left hand spin. Our technology is similar – it works by ‘fooling Mother nature’ into thinking that our ship is one gigantic particle system…” – Larry Maurer