Marcus Hollingshead’s Antigravity Device

September 24, 2012| Antigravity|1 Minutes|By AAG

This overview of the Marcus device began as an email response to a request for information on the Marcus device – an antigravity device created by inventor Marcus Hollingshead that encountered more than its share of publicity and controversy between November 2002 and march 2003, before Hollingshead went silent and withdrew from public scrutiny.

Marcus initial goal (from when I started talking to him in November) was to gradually ease into working with the public to tell them about the technologies he was working on. Unfortunately, I probably aggravated the issue a great deal, because his early descriptions of the antigravity technology might have gone unnoticed if it hadn’t been for some of the things he’d mentioned about his research.

When I read Marcus’ firsts posts on the device, my very first thought about his claims was that they were bogus. Judging from the reaction of the Antigravity newsgroup, I gathered that a few other people also had that same initial reaction. The reason might be a little selfish — after you hear claims but don’t see results for a long enough period of time, you tend to protect yourself emotionally by becoming skeptical to the idea that somebody can be lifting hundreds of pounds of weight using a completely new and revolutionary antigravity technology…

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