Mark Goldes on Ultraconductors

September 22, 2012| Superconductors|2 Minutes|By AAG

It’s been predicted that the development of the Room-Temperature Superconductor, or Ultraconductors, will initiate a second industrial revolution. We’ve asked Mark Goldes, the CEO & Chairman of Room-Temperature Superconductors Inc., to share with us a vision of how, why, and when this vision will become a reality. Welcome to the revolution…

Room Temperature Superconductors Inc. (RTS) holds that its proprietary ULTRACONDUCTOR™ technology constitutes the commercial equivalent of a room temperature superconductor. Because of its Landmark patent position, analogous to the Stanford University/Genentech patent in biotech, RTS believes it has proprietary rights to the entire field of ULTRACONDUCTOR products and materials. The Company is currently raising the capital needed to produce a handful of early products – including power-down leads from room temperature to cryogenic MRI magnets. A meter length of wire is anticipated in three years. Exit strategies include a sale to a larger firm, or an IPO, within that same timeframe.

ULTRACONDUCTORS are the result of more than twenty years of published, peer reviewed, scientific research, including eleven years of development. Commercialization of polymer ULTRACONDUCTOR core technologies, such as wire and computer chip applications, is our focus.

Room Temperature Superconductors, Inc is a subsidiary of Magnetic Power, Inc — which is currently seeking investors for breakthrough research in Zero-Point Energy technologies. In addition to our focus on Ultraconductors, Mark shares with us some groundbreaking news relating to ZPE research that he believes will lead to a 1-kilowatt ZPE generator within the decade.

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