Mark Hugo on Global Warming

October 20, 2012| Health|2 Minutes|By AAG

Nuclear engineer Mark Hugo describes flaws in the accepted scientific model for global warming that result from shortcomings in the original calculations for the infrared heat balance of the Earth. According to Hugo, most of today’s global warming data comes from research by Walter L. Sasser in 1942 on the Infrared Heat Balance of the Earth, which was commissioned by the US Weather Service and described by Hugo as “brilliant work”.

Despite Sasser’s brilliance, Mark Hugo describes shortcuts that were taken in the mathematical model to calculate infrared heat absorption and dissipation by the Earth, including a failure by past researchers to model the Earth as a globe, rather than the infinite flat-planar surface they used at the time. While Hugo claims the current model is approximately correct, the flaws in the model itself lead to an overabundance of stored heat used by global warming proponents to promote the idea that the Earth is heating up.

According to Hugo, a Russian nuclear physicist named Mikowski has provided a more detailed analysis of the infrared heat balance of the Earth, and his research does not indicate a net increase in heat that would create a global warming effect. To date, the model has met with resistance by atmospheric physicists who feel confident in the science involved with global warming and global climate change, but Hugo suggests that they are relying on scientific models that are outdated and may be proven incorrect over time.