Once the subject of scorn & ridicule, the technology of Royal Rife might just be poised to make a big comeback. Mark Hugo joins us with a new twist on the conventional wisdom — an explanation for the Rife Microscope based on solid research in holographic optical interferometry, and an overview of the Rife Ray Generator as an innovative low-power microwave device selectively tuned for zapping pathogens.

“The basis of Rife’s microscope involved doing a holographic inversion of the self-holograph made by finding the flouresence UV frequency of the viruses he was observing. (The concept of a single UV frequency causing a specific flouresence from a protien, or the structure of a virus is NOT considered exotic science these days, but rather one of many analytical techniques used by the modern analytical/bio-chemist.) This inversion is the result of a variation on the Michelson-Morely interferometer. Now the Michelson-Morely device was known for 30 years prior to Rife’s work, but as can be seen from my paper, various parts of the complete application of all the components of action in Rife’s microscope were developed in 1948 (Gabor’s paper on Holography), 1962 (the first laser holograph), various holographic microscope efforts in the 1970’s, and most recently the 90’s (Dr. Stephan Hell’s work.)

Rife’s other invention is the “Rife Ray Generator”. Anyone having an interest in this should go to Dr. Bare’s website, and particularly look at a couple of videos of various protozoa being “lysed” by the “rays” from the device. The “Rife Ray Devices” are merely low grade (low efficiency) plasma masers which put out a few watts in the several-hundred to gigahertz range — but also produce a “spectrum” of associated frequencies, rather than a single frequency. This verified by RF field strength readings done by Bare with his devices. I’d say with Dr. James Bare’s work as an example, we have pretty objective proof that various modulations of audio-frequencies can cause cellular entities to “lyse” or self destruct. In fact, Rife’s original works contain a table he developed of frequencies that were specific to a variety of bacteria and viruses…” – Mark Hugo