Mark Hugo on the Rife Microscope

October 6, 2012| Health|1 Minutes|By AAG

Nuclear engineer Mark Hugo explains the Rife Microscope, and describes how the Rife Microscope can resolve proteins within the virus despite being above the Abby limit for microscope resolution.

Hugo further describes the Rife Machine, also known as the Rife Ray Machine, and explains how despite it’s checkered reputation, the combination of audio & microwave frequencies in the Rife Machine could effectively act as a low-grade Maser to deliver targeted frequencies to cells within the body. This may answer the lingering question about the Rife Machine, which has always been “how could Rife know the frequencies for viruses when they’re above the resolution of the Rife Microscope”?

Mark Hugo believes that the secret lies with Rife letting his eyes become dark-adjusted for an hour before using the Microscope, which would have allowed him to resolve objects using only a single photon of light at a time. Then, using only a minute stimulation of the test sample, the self-flourescing light from proteins inside a virus would have been resolvable without interference from other objects.

In other words, by introducing a Z-axis of time into the Rife Microscope, Royal Rife could have avoided interference from light emitted from multiple objects at or near the same wavelength. Rife could have then easily determined the resonant frequencies to apply towards the destruction of harmful biological agents in vitro.