Marshall Barnes on the Philadelphia Experiment

September 24, 2012| Philadelphia Experiment|1 Minutes|By AAG

The Philadelphia Experiment has been one of the most enduring legends of the 20th century, but after a decade of intense research, Marshall Barnes may have finally solved the puzzle. After a decade of research into the experiment, he offers new insight on just how this experiment may have occurred, as well as the lessons that we can draw from it for a new generation of advanced technology concepts…

I began researching the Project Rainbow (otherwise known as the Philadelphia Experiment) in 1991. My first lecture on it was before the St. Louis MUFON UFO Day meeting in a hotel in St. Charles, MO that same year. That’s where I first introduced the quantum mechanical connection to the Philadelphia Experiment’s teleportation element – macroscopic quantum tunneling.

The evidence, and I repeat – the evidence which is plentiful, all points at one answer. That answer is that between 1940 and 1943, firms, university departments and elements of the U.S. military and its supporting civilian run agencies, engaged in prosecuting WWII, did in fact conceive and pursue a project that initially involved the idea of repelling incoming projectiles via the application of strong electromagnetic fields but quickly became the use of such fields to accomplish optical invisibility via induced mirages in the air and then radar invisibility.

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