Mel Winfield on Nucleonic Energy

September 22, 2012| Hutchison Effect|2 Minutes|By AAG

The Hutchison Effect is a striking collection of levitation & materials effects that’s gone 20 years without explanation – or has it? Scientist & inventor Mel Winfield claims that today’s Hutchison-Effect arose as a validation of effects predicted by his vortex-gravity theory of Nucleonic Energy over 20 years ago, and joins us to talk about his model of physics to offer insight into this compelling mystery…

“When we first started, my theory was in its infancy. However, it was close enough to enable me to know what equipment was necessary to accomplish levitation. The combination of John’s equipment and mine did it. I am not saying that John hasn’t spent a lot of time on this project trying to make it work on demand, but he won’t be able to do this without some changes in his equipment. I’m only claiming to have originated the theory behind it and to have urged John to combine our equipment to accomplish it. Whether he had thought about trying to do this prior to 1981, or even had anything unusual happen due to his electrical discharges, is beside the point. True efficient levitation could not happen before our equipment arrangement.

I lent John Hutchison a piece of equipment in 1981 to go with his existing tools to duplicate Tesla’s transmission of electricity through the air. John subsequently phoned and said that he had operated all the equipment together and was very surprised that a heavy bar of plastic had flopped over. It was hard for him to believe until further experiments verified it…” – Dr. Mel Winfield

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