Mike Windell’s Plasma-Beam Experiments

September 24, 2012| Crystal Energy|1 Minutes|By AAG

In 1990 Mike Windell and Warren York began experimenting with modulating resonant plasma beams, and soon discovered that by placing a target in or near the beam they could cause structural lattice changes in various crystalline materials. They were forced to temporarily suspend their investigation into this new form of crystal energy due to lack of funding, but were recently able to resume their research and found that they could harden or soften materials much like the Hutchison Effect does by modulating the phase angle and duty cycle of the resonant beam.

“We also found that we could increase the performance of semiconductors by about 30%. We believe that many of the anomalous effects were due to time dilation. We have observed the apparent conversion of electrical energy in excess of what can be explained by conventional theory. It was also found that manyother strange and interesting effects could be produced. We are now working on making sure that all of the observed phenomena are 100% reproducible.” — Mike Windell

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