Mike Wright on Consciousness and Quantum Mechanics

September 22, 2012| Psychic|1 Minutes|By AAG

Does human-consciousness effect reality? Quantum-Mechanics speicalist Mike Wright joins us to discuss his research into QM theory and how the observer can modify the quantum states the determine our daily lives. Mike is an administrator at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment located in Yelm, Wa.

MikeWright has spent his life pursuing the idea that the brain itself is a form of quantum-computer, and through that medium we can modify the local environment around us through precognition, non-locality of knowledge, and direct interactions with matter in the form of Antigravity and a variety of other phenomenon. Despite the new-age connotations of this approach, the effects of a local observer on maco-scale quantum-effects are well documented by Dr’s Bohm and a variety of late 20th century theoreticians.