NASA BPP Proposal

American Antigravity joined forces with leading alt-space activist groups to deliver a clear message about the need for community-based support for Breakthrough Propulsion Research to NASA administrator Michael Griffin.

Our proposal is the result of an unprecedented joint-collaboration between American Antigravity, the Space Frontier Foundation, The Enterprise Mission, The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation, and Janes Defense Editor Nick Cook.

“The last 70 years of science-fiction has taught the American public that gravity-modification and FTL-propulsion are not only achievable goals, but will also inevitably become mankind’s primary tool in the future of space-exploration.

We suggest an initiative to bridge the gap between our existing space-infrastructure and this popular vision of advanced propulsion through a collaborative partnership with the Open-Source Breakthrough Propulsion Physics (BPP) community. NASA’s participation in community-based research will not only provide ready access to a diverse array of existing concepts & expertise, but will ultimately boost public faith in NASA as being an open, progressive, and responsive agency.

Foreign competition from Russia’s Reactionless-Drive testing on the ISS, the joint Russian-Chinese Lunar Exploration Treaty, and extensive Chinese research into High-Frequency Gravity-Wave research challenge America to respond with equally progressive measures to maintain a leadership position in space-technology.

Our proposal is a radical departure from past initiatives in that it harnesses the power of public opinion & community-collaboration to leverage NASA’s existing media assets in bringing a solid, diverse wealth of conceptual research to bear on emerging concepts in propulsion, and doing this in a load-sharing manner to nearly eliminate Agency manpower requirements.”