Oliver Williams on Time Travel

September 24, 2012| Time Travel|2 Minutes|By AAG

Appearing in the media like an apparition, the mysterious newsgroup poster “John Titor” told a story of time-travel from a post-nuclear future that captivated the late-night airwaves and inspired deep introspection into the role of materialism & conflict in today’s world. We interview the webmaster of johntitor.com for his perspectives on what Titor said – and what may come.

“In November of 2000, John Titor started posting on a forum that he was a time traveler from the year 2036 who had traveled to our time while completing a military mission. The mission involved going back to the year 1975 and getting one of the first portable computers manufactured by IBM. According to John, the computer was unique and they needed it in the future to decode or communicate with much older computer systems that were effected by Y2K. Obviously, two questions come up. Why would someone with a time machine need outdated technology? Isn’t this fiction since Y2K didn’t happen?

Two interesting points may answer the first question. John gave very detailed information about the computer he was after that was apparently only known by a handful of IBM engineers. After reading John’s posts, an actual IBM engineer came forward and backed up what John had said. In addition, NASA scours eBay today looking for computer parts to keep the space shuttle flying. The idea of needing outdated computers to keep expensive systems running is with us now.

On the second subject of Y2K, John said that time travel was actually the passing between infinite universes and it was possible to choose the different times between them. John was surprised and disturbed by the fact Y2K didn’t happen for us. I believe that may have been the reason he was posting in the first place.”– Oliver Williams

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