Paul Czysz on Hypersonic Aircraft and NASP

September 24, 2012| Space|1 Minutes|By AAG

Professor Paul Czysz joins us to discuss the Mach-6 Aurora spyplane, and provides insight into a new and previously undisclosed hypersonic aircraft developed as a consequence of the National Aerospace Plane (NASP). Czysz served as the chief-scientist on the NASP project during his long tenure at the McDonnell-Douglas company…

In this exclusive interview, Czsyz shares with us the experience of his 4-decade career as a pioneer in hypersonic aerospace engineering, which included extensive industry work culmininating in his role as the chief-scientist of the NASP project, and also includes the position of Professor Emeritus of Aerospace Engineering at Saint Louis University, in addition to his current independent consulting work in hypersonics with Hypertech Concepts, LLC.