Paul Price on Roswell’s UFO Museum

September 22, 2012| UFOs|1 Minutes|By AAG

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade — which is exactly what the city of Roswell seems to be doing with the considerable tourist traffic from UFO buffs hoping to capture a bit of the legend by visiting. Roswell claims to be home of the world’s most famous UFO crash-site, and they’re making the best of a difficult reputation by building community resources to support this strange brand of tourism. AG researcher Paul Price reports from this unique gem of UFO culture in the great American Southwest.

“I guess you could say that Roswell has both flash & substance. The local UFO Museum is geared towards heavy-end research, in addition to the lighter commercial content of the local shops that only have UFO tourist themes. There are also lots of stores that sell materials on any number UFO-related themes. For instance, you can go onto the Roswell International Airport (formerly the Roswell Army Airfield in 1947), you can see some of the sights that have been reported on in books and in the news. So no matter how serious your research may be, you can find all sorts of material here to help you learn more…” – Paul Price