Pharis Williams on Scalar Wave Communications

September 24, 2012| Electrogravitics|1 Minutes|By AAG

Professor Pharis Williams describes a new wireless space communications signaling architecture based on a new technology for converting transverse EM into longitudinal (scalar) electrogravitic waves.

“This presentation will show that the inductive coupling with the gravitational field provides a very weak gravitational component to the transverse waves. It will also show that the longitudinal wave solutions may be independent of the transverse solutions and that the longitudinal solutions consist of only electric and gravitational vector components with an accompanying scalar wave.”

“Longitudinal electrogravitic waves do not interact with the propagation medium as do transverse waves and make good candidates for space communication. Not only will longitudinal waves pass through intervening material, but they may be made very directive and, thereby, avoid a 1/r2 loss. The presentation will also present an antenna design for converting transverse electromagnetic waves into longitudinal electrogravitic waves for using current transmitting laser communication equipment and the reciprocal antenna design for converting longitudinal waves back into transverse waves to use current receivers.” – Professor Pharis Williams