Raphial Morgado on the MYT Engine

September 21, 2012| Engines|3 Minutes|By AAG

Imagine dumping the big V-8 in your SUV for a 25-pound, 2.4 liter engine that gives you 150 miles per gallon on biodiesel – with a boost in horsepower and torque to boot. Meet Raphial Morgado and the little engine that could. With up to 40 times the power to weight ratio of a conventional engine, flexible fuel compatibility, a displacement of 850 cubic inches and the torque of a 32-cylinder engine, the MYT engine is the beginning of a new paradigm for engines in the 21st century.

What Morgado has developed is a completely new type of rotary engine that puts the torque of a conventional piston-engine into a rotary design. How did he do it? Well, imagine a Rotax engine with 8 or 16 chambers instead of three. Morgado’s design is radically more advanced than this, but the basic principle applies. He dubbed it the “Massive Yet Tiny”, but around the shop everybody just calls it “MYT”, or the “Mighty Engine”.

In a world of declining oil, the MYT engine has the potential to play a much larger role than Morgado ever envisioned. Originally designed as a high-torque racing engine, the MYT engine can put its incredible torque to use for high-efficiency automobiles, at less than 5% of the weight of a traditional piston engine. By combining high output with low weight, the MYT engine is truly the most remarkable new internal combustion engine currently under development.

“The inspiration for the MYT Engine design came from the need to have an engine that can stand up to the tremendous abuse of drag racing. After literally blowing up more than my share of engines during racing, I swore to myself that I’d build something that met the required needs while providing higher-durability & reduced complexity in the process. Also, because this design was originally intended for the output demands of the drag-strip, I wanted a design that would give me the largest displacement, highest torque, and lightest weight available. The Massive Yet Tiny engine meets those needs, with 850 cubic inches of displacement, 32-pulses per cycle, and a 150 pound package measuring only 14″ by 14″ in diameter.”

“By replacing an 800 pound V-8 engine with a 25 pound MYT and running it on biodiesel, we can achieve 150 miles per gallon in an otherwise conventional vehicle — plus, you’re going to have better take-off and stopping power by removing that 800 pound engine. That’s what we can do. It is achievable.” – Raphial Morgado

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