Ron Milione on the Philadelphia Experiment

September 21, 2012| Philadelphia Experiment|3 Minutes|By AAG

Dr. Ron Milione discusses a replication of the Philadelphia Experiment that he hopes will validate the original goal of the Philadelphia Experiment as described by author William Moore, as well as a past experiment claim by Dr. James Corum. In 1994, Corum described making a block of iron invisible to radar, demonstrating the feasibility of the Philadelphia Experiment. Milione, an expert in radar systems at BAE, hopes to achieve a similar result by making a model of the Eldridge invisible to X-band radar.

The Philadelphia Experiment, as described by authors William Moore and Charles Berlitz in their 1979 book “The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility”, was originally conducted as a World War II experiment by the United States Navy to make the USS Eldridge, a naval destroyer escort, invisible to radar. The story of the Philadelphia Experiment originated in a series of letters to author Morris K. Jessup by a sailor calling himself “Carlos Allende”, and described witnessing the Eldridge disappear from his location on the SS Andrew Furuseth, a nearby merchant ship.

“The Philadelphia Experiment was allegedly conducted by the Navy during WWII for the purpose of learning how to absorb radar so as not to allow reflections from enemy radar pulses impinging on a ship target to be returned. The reported effects of this experiment were so dramatic and startling that it is supposed that this is why the Navy consistently denies that any such experiments ever took place. Supposedly, not only were radar waves absorbed, but the ship became invisible at ordinary light wavelengths as well.

As a PhD Electrical Engineer, Dr. James F. Corum looked at the Philadelphia experiment through the critical eyes of a scientist. In the late 1970’s, he recruited a team of scientists, for fun, to see if there was any scientific basis for the description of events that occurred as described in “The Philadelphia Experiment,” by Berlitz and Moore. He later presented this findings in 1994 at the Tesla Symposium at Colorado Springs in a paper entitled ‘Tesla’s Egg of Columbus, Radar Stealth, The Torsion Tensor, and the Philadelphia Experiment.’ Corum was, in a laboratory, able to replicate radar invisibility.

John Hutchison & I think that the physics of the Philadelphia Experiment be traced back Tesla’s investigation of the rotating magnetic field. We’ll be conducting an experiment in which a small ship modeled after USS Eldridge will include small degaussing coils and ferromagnetic substances in the hull which we hope will validate Corum’s findings and exhibit radar absorption as attempted in the original Philadelphia Experiment.” – Dr. Ron Milione

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