Secrets of the Ramtha School

If you ever get the chance to visit the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, I’d highly recommend it. I’m not saying that as a student, because I’m not. Quite frankly, I don’t know what to believe, so I’ve chosen not to make a choice on the matter. Get ready for an a behind-the-scenes look at psychic powers, channeling, blind archery, and ‘The Tank’, from behind the veil at RSE’s 2005 summer retreat.

The Ramtha School of Enlightenment is a psychic & spirituality center located in the rural city of Yelm that’s dominated by a single personality – the legendary JZ Knight. The story is that back in the 1970’s, she began to recognize the spiritual presence of an ethereal being called “Ramtha”, which she later began to ‘channel’. Through the conduit of JZ Knight’s body, Ramtha began communicating with the public and eventually started teaching about the untapped powers of the human consciousness, which led to the gradual development of the “Ramtha School of Enlightenment”.

Since I’ve already mentioned visiting the Ramtha School, I might as well tell you who gets in and why they show up. Taking into account the usual array of threats and critics, you can probably guess that not every Tom, Dick, and Harry who arrives at the front door gets a red-carpet welcome. The Ramtha School of Enlightenment has its own unique culture, and getting an invite is basically the same as any other college campus: you’re either a student or a teacher…