Shelley Thomson on Remote Viewing, UFOs and Aliens

October 5, 2012| Psychic|2 Minutes|By AAG

Shelley Thomson has decades of experience in coordinate remote viewing, and joins us to discuss ufos, alien civilizations, and man’s place in the universe based on what she’s learned through remote viewing.

Not all remote-viewers use the SRI protocols, and being one of the lucky few to be trained in older esoteric methods of remote viewing had always given Thomson the unique ability to see targets more clearly than many other remote viewers. She describes using this ability to locate oil reserves and missing valuables until one day she was approached by a businessman with a unique request.

Thomson’s first exposure to aliens came from the businessman’s remote-viewing coordinates, which he later revealed were a suspected alien base. Thomson was intrigued, and went back on her own after the assignment was completed to learn all that she could about aliens & ufos by remote viewing them. This led her to contact with aliens, and later to learning about the history and culture of alien civilizations visiting us here on Earth.

Shelley Thomson describes years of research in remote viewing that led her to learn more about the many alien races who are currently visiting us on Earth. One in particular, “Group A”, seems to be the most friendly, but she also describes “Group B” in detail — more popularly known as “the greys”. According to Thomson, while some aliens may have good intentions, the greys definitely do not, and she describes their plans in detail based on what she’s learned.

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