Tom Valone on Electrogravitic Propulsion

Tom Valone describes his book, "Electrogravitics II", and how new research lends credibility to electrogravitic propulsion and electrokinetics.

Paul Laviolette on Electrogravitics

Scientist Paul Laviolette joins us to talk about Electrogravitics and the Biefeld-Brown Effect, the potential for a secret Antigravity-system onboard the B-2 Bomber, and a new theory of 'SubQuantum Kinetics'...

Pharis Williams on Scalar Wave Communications

Professor Pharis Williams describes a new wireless space communications signaling architecture based on a new technology for converting transverse EM into longitudinal (scalar) electrogravitic waves. "This presentation will show that...

Tom Valone on Electrokinetic Drives

Antigravity? Secret Government Aircraft? We join Dr. Tom Valone of the Integrity Research Institute to discuss the Biefeld-Brown Effect, Lifters, as well as the Jefimenko Equation for that just...

Robert Patterson’s Electrogravitic Implosion System

Robert Patterson describes an experimental electrogravitic implosion propulsion device that he claims will generate propulsive force & overunity energy as an "electromagnetic supercharger" for vacuum energy. He demonstrates a...

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Lifter Flight-Test Compilation Footage

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Bruce Maccabee on UFO’s

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