Stan Deyo’s Antigravity Blueprints

September 24, 2012| Antigravity|1 Minutes|By AAG

Stan Deyo describes spin and antigravity effects in detail, and provides a thorough construction plan for how to build a coil apparatus to generate antigravity effects based on his past experience with secret government black projects.

“Space/time can be altered by putting mass inside a dynamic EM field created by two pulsed, DC, toroidal coils which act as a “flux capacitor” (Faraday’s dream). A charge capacitor by definition can be static (qq’/s); however as flux is a function of current which is moving or dynamic charge, the flux capacitor has to be a dynamic circuit which stores the energy (qq’s/t). To do this, the current must be added into a chase-tail circuit whereby the layers of the field stack one upon the other to form a field in motion.

Inside this field in a small craft of about 30-feet diameter, one will experience a peculiar distortion of space/time. This occurs when the field inside the craft is “pumped up” so that the energy density of the space inside the field is much greater than that of normal space here on the Earth’s surface. The higher the energy density the more time is dilated so that time in the field occurs at a slower rate to that outside the field. If the energy density is lowered then the converse is true.” — Stan Deyo

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