Sterile Neutrinos & Time Travel

September 22, 2012| Time Travel, Unified Field Theory|2 Minutes|By AAG

The 2003 Blockbuster movie Paycheck described a fictional device capable of sending information from the future to the past — but if Dr’s Paes, Pakvasa, and Weiler are correct, this technology may not remain fictional for long. These groundbreaking scientists join us to discuss the idea that neutrinos can jump into higher-dimensional states that allow faster than light travel to carry a signal back in time, as well as the implications of a new generation of ideas coming out of applied string & brane-theory physics…

“In the New Scientist article you mentioned by Marcus Chown, we discussed the causality properties of a special kind of extra-dimensional spacetimes. In these spacetimes the extra dimension – or ‘bulk’ – is asymmetrically warped in such a way that the speed of light varies with its position along this extra dimension. This allows for shortcuts through the extra dimensions.

Several interesting aspects of such spacetimes have been discussed before: they may help to solve the puzzle of why the universe is homogenous over distances having no causal contact in standard cosmology – and thus provide an alternative to an epoch of inflation in the early universe, as discussed by Dan Chung and Katie Freese; they might explain why the dark energy contribution to the Universe’s energy budget is so small – it may actually leak into the extra dimension, as has been pointed out by Josh Erlich, Csaba Csaki and Christophe Grojean, and finally – if there are sterile neutrinos allowed to travel in these extra dimensions – it may solve an experimental anomaly observed in neutrino oscillation experiments, as has been demonstrated by us. In our recent paper we have pointed out that the effective superluminality of particles travelling in the bulk could also allow to send these particles back in time.” – Dr Heinrich Paes

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