Sterling Allan on Free Energy

September 24, 2012| Zero-Point Energy|1 Minutes|By AAG

Sterling Allen runs “Pure Energy Systems” — one of the premiere free-energy organizations on the net. He’s graciously written us this survey of a very dynamic field, from solar and wind to cold fusion and magnet motors… and what PES Network Inc is doing to promote alternative energy technologies.

“I’ve been immersed in the world of “free energy” for three years, a span that seems more like a decade because of all that has transpired in that time. Part of that intense involvement has been working directly with inventors with technologies that they want to take to market. Part of the time has been in reporting on a wide range of alternative energy technologies. Part has been doing first-hand experimentation myself. It has been a trip, to be sure.

I’ve met some wonderful people, and I’ve met some very challenging people. Inventors are a quirky breed anyway, and seem to be even more so out in the fringes of science where the best ideas tend to bubble up — outside the box. Geniuses are often loners, and thus don’t develop socially like most.

I’ve observed a lot of fascinating technology emerge, and I’ve seen ten times that many bogus claims debunked. Most of those are presented by exuberant people who were sure they had found the Holy Grail answer to the world’s energy needs.” — Sterling Allan

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