Suzanne Nichols on Psychic Levitation

September 24, 2012| Psychic|1 Minutes|By AAG

Suzanne Nichols discusses Danielle Graham’s psychic levitation presentation. Graham stunned the conference with an experiment appearing to demonstrate a measureable loss in the weight of a trained test-subject during trancelike meditation on a digital scale.

Nichols has been assisting Graham’s psychic levitation research and discusses the project, as well as her involvement in judging a high-school science-fair competition held as a part of the conference proceedings. Nichols also participated by filming Graham’s startling presentation — a first in the traditional “no cameras” environment of the STAIF Conference.

Graham’s results are scheduled for publication by the AIP in a paper entitled, “Experimental Data Demonstrating Augmentation of Ambient Gravitational and Geomagnetic Fields”, which documents a series of experiments in which she collected & cross-collated data from a number of test subjects over a 1-year test-period.