Paul Pantone on the GEET Engine

Paul Pantone describes GEET Engine technology. Filmed in 2005.

Bill Alek’s Accutron Gravitational Anomaly Detector

Bill Alek demonstrates a gravitational anomaly detector built on the fine-tuned resonance of the Accutron watch. He's tested it at 3 gravitational mystery spots to try and validate a change in frequency resulting in a mass differential in the gravitational mystery spots.

Bill Alek on the SmartMEG

Bill Alek describes the SmartMEG, a replication of Bearden's MEG technology that he hopes will improve upon the original MEG design with an advanced microelectronic control system.

Robert Patterson’s Electrogravitic Implosion System

Robert Patterson describes an experimental electrogravitic implosion propulsion device that he claims will generate propulsive force & overunity energy as an "electromagnetic supercharger" for vacuum energy. He demonstrates a lightbulb being powered by the device even when it is turned off,…

Robert Patterson’s Ram-Implosion Wing

Inventor Robert Patterson describes a novel type of wing that he's affixed to his van, which he claims produces a significant increase in horsepower at freeway speeds.

Bill Alek’s OverUnity ZPOD Device

Inventor Bill Alek explains the ZPOD, an experimental overunity generator that he claims to produce a COP (coefficient of performance) greater than 1. This makes it an attempt at creating a free-energy generation system that operates by switching the inputs and outputs in a manner similar to the…

Tom Valone on UFO’s

Dr. Tom Valone discusses Wendelle Stevens, UFO's, and popular stories such as Bob Lazar's description of Area 51 and some of the research conducted by Stevens in investigating the Billy Meiers story. Valone describes the massive legacy of research on UFO's created by Stevens, and voices concern…

Larry Davenport’s Biefeld-Brown Demonstration

Larry Davenport describes his replication of a classic TT Brown experiment at the TeslaTech 2005 conference. His Biefeld-Brown device is a small-scale replication of the TT Brown rotator, in which two disks on a post use ion-wind and the Biefeld-Brown effect to turn at high speed.

Byington Sims Tesla “Zapper”

Inventor Byington Sims demonstrates a tesla "zapper" for Gary Voss at TeslaTech 2005. Sims claims an array of health benefits since he started using the homebuilt device.

Tom Valone on Electrogravitic Propulsion

Tom Valone describes his book, "Electrogravitics II", and how new research lends credibility to electrogravitic propulsion and electrokinetics.