Ted Gagnon on Scalar Homeopathic Medicine

September 21, 2012| Health|1 Minutes|By AAG

Ted Gagnon has extended the concept of Homeopathic Medicine to devise a method for loading the properties of one substance into another using an implementation of Bearden’s “Quantum Potential Envelopes”. He joins us to talk his research, based on scalar waves, which is poised to become a new form of chemistry and may explain the Hutchison Effect.

Gagnon has been practicing alternative-medicine for over 30 years, and his accomplishments through his firm “Cellatroniks” include a wearable patch for the delivery of simulated medicine through “loading” the resonant frequency package for the medicine into an otherwise inert carrier (such as water). This approach is a real-life implementation of Bearden’s ideas on loading frequencies using scalar waves, and Gagnon’s implementation provides credible, highly-consistent results.

On a larger scale, Gagnon’s research opens the door for a substate like water to “simulate” the characteristics of other substances, providing a glimpse of an entirely new form of chemistry in which may explain the materials effects demonstrated in the Hutchison Effect. For instance, metals may be worked in a liquid form at room temperature with an applied frequency-package, and then hardened when the fields are later removed.

Gagnon also claims that this scalar wave technology can strengthen or weaken traditional co-valent chemical bonds, allowing him to increase the strength and durability of both organic and inorganic compounds.