Ted Loder on the Disclosure Project & SEAS Power

September 24, 2012| UFOs|2 Minutes|By AAG

Dr. Ted Loder discusses The Disclosure Project and SEAS-Power. Loder retired in May 2005 as a Professor at the University of New Hampshire, Department of Earth Sciences and member of the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space.

Loder’s position puts him in the unique middle-ground between conventional, mainstream science and the esoteric realm of gravity-manipulation and the conspiracy-oriented world of late-night talk radio. Thus, he’s an effective bridge between scientists on both sides of the debate about UFO’s, the paranormal, and breakthrough propulsion who might otherwise not end up communicating well with each other.

While Loder didn’t present a paper at STAIF 2006, he attended to focus on networking with other professionals interested in breakthrough propulsion and alt-science, and to hopefully glean information on new technologies for possible development by Space Energy Access Systems, founded by Dr. Steven Greer, also of the Disclosure Project.

In April 1997, Dr. Loder attended a 3-hour closed congressional briefing on presented by the Disclosure Project on advanced energy and propulsion systems held in Washington DC, as representative of the Governor of New Hampshire. During these briefings he met a number of top-secret military witnesses who described events they observed first hand to members of Congress and the Senate. Subsequently, Dr. Loder has briefed NASA and NSF scientists as well as U.S. Congressional and Senatorial staff members on this topic.