Terry Moore on the Searl Effect

September 21, 2012| Searl Effect|4 Minutes|By AAG

For decades, John Searl has claimed that the Searl Effect Generator he invented is a self-powering free-energy generator capable of producing both free energy and powerful antigravity effects. Unfortunately, building a Searl Effect Generator is a costly, difficult process that’s left Searl’s claims unverified, at least until now. For the first time in decades, a new Searl Effect Generator replication led by Dr. Terry Moore is already producing valuable data being used to file patent claims on John Searl’s behalf.

The new Searl Effect Generator experiment is making rounds on YouTube and being met with excitement by a growing audience of enthusiasts, many of whom have been waiting decades to see footage of a Searl Effect Generator in operation. While replication efforts have been attempted in the past by inventors such as Dr. Paul Brown and the Godin & Roschin team in Russia, those efforts failed to provide video footage, verifiable results, and both attempts deviated from the strict construction guidelines established by Searl. While Moore’s replication also deviates from Searl’s classic design, this time it’s different, because John Searl himself has designed the modifications.

“I am very fortunate to have known John since 1988 and have remained in touch during an extended period of false partnerships from those more interested in money than the technology. The delay is simple, it wasn’t until last year that we found a sponsor to enable us to replicate the work Professor Searl carried out in the 60’s. The equipment and test gear needed is very expensive and some has to be custom built. Building the first improved SEG without automated equipment is also time consuming. This has been the main cause of a period of apparent inaction. Finally, limited funding made available by a sponsor to cover the basic materials and equipment, will allow John’s technology to be reconstructed sufficiently, to prove the science behind his work of the 1960’s and 1970’s.”

“John is very much involved in the reconstruction of the Searl Effect Generator. He is providing the entire technical backup and working out the alterations required for the updated version of the SEG. Fernando Morris has been interested in the technology for many years and in just over the past two years has been reconstructing the SEG under John’s guidance and instruction. He works full time in the Computer Industry and has funded much of the equipment himself.”

“In the Searl Effect Generator shown in the demonstration videos, the input excitation energy was around five volts at 600 milliamps (3 watts). From zero to 436 milliamps, the rollers remain stationary. However, if the voltage is increased by just two volts, the speed dramatically increases. These mock-up versions of the SEG were not designed for power output or electricity generation. They simply illustrate that continuous rotation is possible, and provide a model to evaluate why the rollers spin, why they stay on the plate, and what input power is necessary for operation.”

“I have no doubt that John will eventually be recognised along with Einstein, Marconi, and Tesla. John’s work has been made possible by the input of many contributors from all walks of life and correspondence is welcomed from anyone interested in this science. In the coming year we hope to complete the first redesigned Searl Effect Generator. The current demonstration is being sent to the UK for patent application and as soon as the new magnetic layer is machined and magnetised, we will be ready for another dynamic demonstration.” – Dr. Terry Moore

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