The Hutchison Effect: A Powerful New Effect

September 24, 2012| Hutchison Effect|1 Minutes|By AAG

A powerful new demonstration of the Hutchison Effect is captured on film by Harold Berndt during filming in 2006, in which a 1-ton rack of equipment is visibly moved by an unseen force, remaining upright only because John has bolted it to both the floor & ceiling.

Harold Berndt visited John Hutchison’s lab in New Westminster in order to film John’s first test of the Hutchison Effect equipment in nearly a decade. Hutchison had decided to begin basic experiments and attempt to recalibrate his equipment, and Berndt provided support by filming Hutchison’s work as well as asking John about his past research.

After nearly an hour of filming, Berndt had focused the camera on a vacuum-tube that was making a strange noise when a nearby equipment rack moved “as if a truck had hit it”. At the time, John Hutchison was on the other side of the lab and did not witness the Hutchison Effect event himself, and Berndt describes it for him after it subsides.