The Hutchison Effect: Technical Interview with John Hutchison

September 24, 2012| Hutchison Effect|1 Minutes|By AAG

How does the Hutchison Effect work? Gary Stephenson explores the equipment & technologies used by John in creating the Hutchison Effect during this in-depth technical interview at John’s lab in New Westminster, BC.

Gary Stephenson is an aerospace engineer with expertise in gravitational physics and high-frequency gravitational wave research. His focus in this interview is to gain a better understanding of both the Hutchison Effect as well as the tools & calibrations used by John in creating it. He examines John Hutchison’s lab in detail, discussing the Tesla Coils, Van De Graaf generators, signal generators, and other equipment used by John and what role they play in creating the Hutchison Effect.

Gary Stephenson also discusses materials jellification with John, and reviews spectrographic analysis of the metal samples performed by Dr. George Hathaway. The analysis indicates that impurities in the original metal samples were pushed to the ends of the samples during the jellification process.

Like many engineers, Gary Stephenson held a long-term fascination in the Hutchison Effect and this interview focuses on questions he planned in advance to best understand what John Hutchison does during his research. While Stephenson and Hutchison had never before met, Stephenson is acquainted with Dr. George Hathaway through the STAIF conference, where both have published peer-review AIAA papers on a variety of topics in advanced physics.