The Hutchison Effect: The Original 1980’s Footage

September 24, 2012| Antigravity, Hutchison Effect|2 Minutes|By AAG

Antigravity, jellified metals, and other strange effects are part of the original 1980’s Super-8 film-footage of the Hutchison Effect with narration added by Dr. George Hathaway later.

The “classic” footage of the Hutchison Effect all shares the same grainy, blurred texture because it was all shot in the same period of time by John Hutchison and Dr. George Hathaway in the early 1980′s. They originally filmed the Hutchison Effect on Super-8 mm movie film as they were conducting experiments. The footage lacked any sound, and was shot on several cartridges of film that give the Hutchison Effect a distinctive “look and feel”, despite the fact that it was shot over a period of years while they conducted the experiments.

Altogether, the Super-8 film of the Hutchison Effect comprises less than half an hour of footage. Given the longer format of VHS tapes, Hathaway opted to include his own narrative description of materials effects, another narrative segment by Hutchison, and then recordings of several television programs that John Hutchison had already been in after the footage to provide additional context for viewers of the tape. Altogether this almost entirely fills the tape.

The footage seen in this clip includes all of the original Super-8 format material shot by Hathaway and Hutchison, which is all that remained after removing the television footage from the tape along with descriptions of the materials effects by both Hutchison and Hathaway.