The Nazi Bell

September 21, 2012| Nazi Bell, Unified Field Theory|4 Minutes|By AAG

Although first described in Igor Witkowski’s “The Truth About The Wunderwaffe”, the Nazi Bell didn’t gain notoriety until Nick Cook’s “The Hunt for Zero Point”, and ever since speculation about the Nazi Bell has run wild. Witkowski himself believes that the Nazi Bell was an advanced propulsion device based on German research in Quantum Mechanics, and Nick Cook seems to largely agree with him. However, others speculate that the Nazi Bell may have been anything from a water tower to a time travel experiment.

Dr. Eric Davis, for instance, has speculated that the Nazi Bell was a processing and refinement center for uranium ore used in the German breeder reactor project. At the time, these were highly secret, so perhaps the toxic effects that Witkowski attributes to the Nazi Bell come not from shifting time and space, but rather from over-exposure to poorly understood nuclear substances by the workers.

Laser physicist John Dering speculated that the Nazi Bell was a propulsion device, but not based on Quantum Mechanics. Instead, he suggested that it was in fact the result of early research into Einstein’s Unified Field theory, which predicted effects that German physicist Walther Gerlach could have proposed to the Reich for propulsion applications. Dering has followed Einstein’s Unified Field Theory with his colleague, Dr. James Corum, and speculates the the Nazi Bell has all the hallmarks of being a UFT propulsion project.

That’s only scratching the surface of what John Dering believes about the Nazi Bell: both he and Dr. James Corum believe that Einstein’s Unified Field theory was also being tested by the Americans, but not for propulsion: they believe it was the theory behind the Philadelphia Experiment, and Corum’s research into Einstein’s whereabouts during 1943 could easily put the famous scientists in the Philadelphia Navy Yard around that time.

So was the Nazi Bell a Unified Field Theory propulsion project? Dering and Corum believe this in part because of experiments by the California defense contractor they worked for which attempted to recreate the Bell based on what was known about it: those experiments led to some of the same effects and side-effects as described for the original Nazi Bell project. Some of the same effects and side-effects they saw from the Nazi Bell replication project were nearly identical to those reported by John Hutchison in the Hutchison Effect, so perhaps UFT effects are indeed the connection that links these three mysteries.

Originally entitled “Einstein’s Antigravity”, this story contains some of the best research and writing that American Antigravity has ever done, taking months to complete and involving PhD-level advice from electrical engineers, nuclear physicists, laser physicists, and a few NASA scientists helping out after-hours. Once we started our research, the amount of data available on this previously secret project was incredible, but the big questions about the Nazi Bell still remain. Experts from every field have voiced their opinions on what this device really is. Be your own judge and read “The Nazi Bell”.

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