Tim Ventura on Antigravity

September 21, 2012| Antigravity|1 Minutes|By AAG

American Antigravity founder Tim Ventura discusses popular topics in antigravity, including the Searl Effect, Biefeld-Brown, Lifters, and other threads of antigravity physics research. He describes common themes shared by these topics that provides a glimpse at the physical principles of antigravity.

Ventura also discusses the role and influence of storytelling and engineering mythology in a community with a shared cultural history for antigravity and field-effect propulsion research. In short, manipulating gravity is a niche interest, and therefore the existing research is shared by inventors and handed down over time.

As the founder of American Antigravity, Tim Ventura has been in a unique media role that enabled him to work closely with innovators in Antigravity and other emerging science research, and he offers his thoughts to others based on the breadth and scope of his own personal experience researching Antigravity and speaking with other researchers & inventors on the subject.