Tom Valone on Electrokinetic Drives

September 24, 2012| Electrogravitics|1 Minutes|By AAG

Antigravity? Secret Government Aircraft? We join Dr. Tom Valone of the Integrity Research Institute to discuss the Biefeld-Brown Effect, Lifters, as well as the Jefimenko Equation for that just might make today’s Lifter into tomorrow’s electrokinetic spacecraft.

Valone is the founder of IRI, a well-known resource for alt-science and BPP information located in Washington DC. In addition to attending the STAIF Conference where this footage was taken, Valone has put together several IRI conferences of his own in the past, and is considered to be one of the most reputable & progressive thinkers in the realm of space activism & breakthrough propulsion.

Valone’s had a busy year, including several appearances speaking on renewable-energy systems on CNN television, as well as the publication of “Electrogravitics II” – the follow-up to his earlier text containing case-studies, experimental data, and most importantly, tips and tricks for making the Biefeld-Brown Effect more efficient for electrokinetic propulsion

The Jefimenko Equation is a mathematical formula was the product of Valone’s extensive historical research into electrokinetic technology, and suggests that by changing the shape of the high-voltage signal & field in a Lifter that the device could be made more efficient.