Top Gravity and Antigravity Concepts

September 24, 2012| Antigravity|2 Minutes|By AAG

Think that you know about gravity? Think again – research into gravitational engineering is moving rapidly ahead on a number of fronts and breakthroughs are already beginning to happen. Antigravity follows close behind, as we learn to manipulate this mysterious force to build a new generation of space technology. Here are a few of the top ideas to keep your eye on as the research progresses in the new year…

Next-Generation Lifters: The Biefeld-Brown Effect ‘Lifters’ seem to be popping up everywhere these days – including schools, universities, science-fairs, and television.

Gravitational Death Rays: The infamous Russian gravity scientist Dr. Eugene Podkletnov has a new experiment, and it’s supported by theory (several of them, in fact).

AC-Gravity Tractor-Beams: If Podkletnov is busy with a gravity-beam, then who’s tending the farm on the rotating superconductors that made him famous? The answer: Dr. Ning Li.

Einstein’s UFT Antigravity: What if you heard a story so outlandish that you knew nobody would believe it? Now what if you heard the same story from several different sources, and started finding background info & physics research that backed it all up?

The Searl Effect: John Searl is known to many as “the father of modern Antigravity”. His masterpiece, the SEG, saw more research in 2004 than since the 1980’s!

The Hutchison Effect: You’ve seen it on TV – John Hutchison, the man who makes objects spontaneously levitate in his lab, and creates strange fields that melt-metal at room temperature.

Mercury Plasma Antigravity: These stories about ‘black triangles’ are just a bunch of nonsense, right? Not so fast – the means of propulsion described by Edgar Fouche, Mark McCandlish and others turns out to have some very real scientific backing…

De Aquino’s ELF Antigravity: Brazilian Professor Fran De Aquino has been pursuing an elusive goal – a gravity shield based on Extra Low Frequency (ELF) waves, that he believes effectively block incoming gravitons. The result? An ELF craft would be effectively “immune” to gravity, and possibly inertia as well.

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