Troy Hurtubise on Angel Light

September 23, 2012| Health|1 Minutes|By AAG

Canadian Inventor Troy Hurtubise joins us to talk about the “Angel Light”, a device that he’s constructed based on a dream that he claims can generate a beam of energy that makes objects invisible. Hurtubise claims that the beam also has seriously negative effects on nearby living organisms.

Hurtubise previous inventions include a fire-proof coating material named “FirePaste”, and a compressed multi-layer Kevlar device he calls the “Light Infantry Military Blast Cushion” or LIMBC, as well as the infamous “Project Grizzly”, which was sponsored by the Canadian Government and included the development of an armored suit for wildlife research.

Hurtubise inventions are well documented through both Radio & Television Media, and thus far he has not made any claims for his prior mechanical inventions that haven’t proven true. Thus, his claims about the Angel Light making substances invisible proves to make for an intriguing story.