UAP Warp-Drives & Metamaterial Physics

May 11, 2021| Antigravity, Space|2 Minutes|By AAG

Dr. Jack Sarfatti discusses the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies papers on the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force and the upcoming report to the Senate Intelligence Committee, as well as a number of other recent and noteworthy developments in Tic Tac Tech, including the development of a theoretical white hole protective force shield and anti-gravitational flying suit, and other important and relevant topics.

Special thanks to Julien Geffrey for the included animation of Sarfatti’s Tic Tac Warp Drive, which helps to visualize the physics model for UAP propulsion and illustrates some of the properties of the force field created by a UAP in flight.

In Dr. Sarfatti’s theoretical model for Tic Tac technology, a white hole artificial event horizon surrounds the UAP and acts as an impenetrable force shield. A pumped metamaterial fuselage under resonance has the ability to produce artificial repulsive gravity with a white hole event horizon, i.e. the ultimate perfect force shield against any weapons including nukes. The white hole event horizon is the perfect force shield, and even allows the Tic Tac to fire back through it without having to disable it.

“Control of the gravitational field with relatively small amounts of energy has many possible weapons applications… Such spacecraft would render all our conventional weapons obsolete, he explains, particularly if the warp capacity were weaponized.”

Dr. Sarfatti says the technology behind the Tic-Tac UFO (2004 Nimitz incident) folds space into a warp drive in such a way as to get to where and when it desires with tiny amounts of energy. Click here to learn more about Dr. Sarfatti’s Research at, or visit his website at Special thanks Julien Geffrey – visit his YouTube channel for more.