Victor Rozsnany on Gravity Control Technologies

Victor Rozsnany joins us as the founder & CEO of Gravity Control Technologies, Inc. GCT is a Hungarian startup with over 1.2 million dollars invested in a unique method of gravity-shielding, and Victor discusses their ongoing research efforts and their failed bid to enter Antigravity in the X-Prize competition.

GCT Space was the recipient of funding from Joe Firmage’s ISSO program before that organization became defunct, and invested the money into researching a variety of gravity-shielding technologies, including methods based on mercury-plasma vapor interactions as well as Bose-Einstein Condensates & related technologies.

Rozsnany comments on some of GCT’s past successes and failures, as well as making the breakthrough announcement about a 15% to 30% reduction in experimental weight during high-current testing in customized mercury switches. GCT is also known for having submitted a bid to enter the X-Prize in 2003, but was rejected by the X-Prize committee on the grounds of being an unproven launch technology. This led to speculation in the AG community that the X-Prize was rigged, a rumor which Rozsnany comments on.