Vlad Aspel on Zero-Point Energy

September 21, 2012| Zero-Point Energy|3 Minutes|By AAG

Vlad Aspel is the self-confessed master, slave, and moderator of ZPEnergy.Com. It’s not easy running one of the hottest zero-point energy forums online, but it certainly can be rewarding. ZPEnergy brings together scientists, engineers, and innovators from different walks of life to meet and collaborate on zero-point energy research. Make no mistake: Vlad’s a revolutionary. The Guy Fawkes mask in his social networking profile pics is a testament to the past stigma of zero-point energy research and his tenacious drive to pursue it.

For the better part of a decade, ZPEnergy was the internet’s largest forum dedicated to zero-point and free energy research. Unlike Pure Energy Systems and other well known free energy portals, ZPEnergy made its mark as a collaborative online bulletin board for everything zero-point. While Vlad served as a moderator for user discussion, he didn’t guide it, allowing users to post their own thoughts and ideas on zero-point energy without having to fit into a magazine or wiki format.

ZPEnergy was hot, and they were everywhere: at one point, you couldn’t do a search for zero-point or free energy without returning at least a few results on ZPEnergy, and they were always at the top of the pile. Things have cooled off since then, but ZPEnergy is still around, and Vlad’s still a force to be reckoned with as a community organizer in zero point energy.

“I became aware of the FE/OU movement in the late nineties after reading Jeane Manning’s book “The Coming Energy Revolution – the search for free energy”. Having a “classic” engineering background but being open-minded and inquisitive by nature, I was intrigued by the subject and decided to investigate it further. I quickly realized the huge benefits of a site where many people with the same special interest could collect in one place interesting/relevant news/articles on that specific topic (from wherever they would find it) so helping each other stay informed and saving a lot of time otherwise necessary to find that news on your own.

Posting on ZPEnergy.com has a significant advantage, in my opinion, compared to posting on other energy portals out there. Aside for the simplicity of direct news posting on our site (which was designed for exactly that, not like most of the other energy sites), the message gets directly to the target audience interested in the subject and it is not “diluted” by gazillions of other news on conventional alternative energy, alternative medicine, UFOs, conspiracies, intelligent design and Bible prophecies, paranormal research… you name it.” — Vlad Aspel

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