Warren York on Cold-Plasma & Crystal Energy

September 24, 2012| Crystal Energy|1 Minutes|By AAG

Warren York joins us to discuss a series of anomalies resembling the Hutchison-Effect seen while running cold-plasma beam experiments with associate Mike Windell. York also describes his work on a new Unified Field Theory, predicting time-dilation and potentially time-travel effects as described in a new YGEM model of electron-spin.

York describes a number of crystal energy anomalies that he encountered during experimental testing with Mike Windell, including a time-displacement effect that led to several hours of missing time, an array of materials-effects including the jellification of a large sample of quartz-crystal and documented molecular changes in Topaz crystals, and a strange occurrence during a power-failure when the cold-plasma beam continued to operate at full-power despite being connected to a blown circuit breaker.

York’s research has extended Einstein’s Theory of Relativity to include relativistic time-dilation on the electron-scale, which he describes in a Unified Field Theory containing a new model of the electron called the YGEM (York-Geier Electron Model), which he co-developed with associate Charlotte Geier