Warren York’s Crystal Energy Experiments

September 24, 2012| Crystal Energy|1 Minutes|By AAG

Warren York interviews Charlotte Geier about unexplained molecular distortions that occurred to Topaz and Amethyst jewelry she was wearing in the vicinity of cold-plasma beam crystal energy experiments that he conducted with associate Mike Windell. York became aware of these distortions during experiments with Quartz crystal, which showed similar molecular changes.

During the crystal energy experiments, York and Windell claim to have been able to modify the molecular properties of a sample of quartz crystal to create Hutchison-like materials effects, including a putty-like jellification of one section of crystal, and the hardening of another section to the point where it actually cut diamond. They did this by placing a quartz crystal sample in a cold-plasma beam powered by a high-frequency/high-voltage signal.

After experimentation, associate Charlotte Geier noticed that the color of her Topaz rings had changed, leading to subsequent investigation of her jewelry and the eventual determination that it had also undergone molecular changes by being in proximity to the experiment involving the quartz sample. This was disconcerting to the entire research team, as Geier had remained approximately 12-feet from the apparatus during testing, indicating that whatever resonant field created this effect had saturated not only the test chamber, but apparently also the surrounding vicinity as well.